koguryo, goguryeo, gaojuli links


Koguryo, Goguryeo, Gaojuli Links
  Goguryeo History Association
The forgotten glory of the ancient Goguryeo Kingdom is being revived and remembered!
The people of the Goguryeo Kingdom are the predecessors of the modern day Koreans. The Goguryeo Kingdom was a culturally rich civilization founded in 37 B.C. and which lasted for 705 years until 668 A.D ...
  Radio Korea International
Shaping Korea --
Welcome to this brand new Korean history program on RKI!! We will study along the Korean history step by step. It would be like listening to good old bed time stories and much less of a boring history class. In our ...
  VANK - Cyber Civilian Diplomats in Korea
Why don't you be a Friend of Korea?
Now, we are also launching this "Friends of Korea Club," a worldwide promotion to attract the visits of people from all over the world, letting them know about Korea's dynamic charm and friendly korean ...
  SKAN - Internet Homepage of Society for Korean Ancient History
SKAH is a nonprofit academic society of scholars who research the ancient history of Korea.
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