Founding and Growth
  Koguryo Builds up a Great Empire
  Koguryo's Wars with Sui and Tang
  Downfall and Succession of Koguryo
  The Forgotten Glory of Koguryo Reviving

the forgotten glory of Koguryo reviving

  The Forgotten Glory of Koguryo Reviving!  

  Koguryo is the origination country of Korea found in B.C. 37 and lasted for 705 years until 668 A.D. We, Korean people, take great pride in Koguryo and its monuments added to UNESCO's World Heritage list on July 1, 2004. It is beyond question that Koguryo is an ancient Korean kingdom whose territory extended from mid part of the Korean peninsula and the greater part of Manchuria to eastern Monglia and Beijing as well.
Recently, China has claimed that Koguryo is a part of its own history, a blatant infringement on the Korean history. However, history always tells truth and the alleged scheme to change the stream of history cannot stand the test of justice and will be paid for in the long run.
Actually, the history of China is within the boundary of "Great Wall." The first Qin Emperor constructed the Wall on the Qin(Chinese) border. Beyond that were a lot of neighboring countries including Tungus, Turkish, Mongolian, and Mohammedan countries, and Joseon(Korea) with different culture and language.

[Source : Koguryo Association]

king kwanggaeto tombstone

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