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  Korean spoken in North Korea is originated from Koguryo. The Koguryo language is unknown except for a small number of words, which mostly suggests that it was significantly different from the language of Silla or Tungusic languages. The Koguryo names for government posts are mostly similar to those of Baekje and Silla, two other kingdoms of Korea. The languages of Koguryo and Fuyu (Buyeo), East Okjeo, and Old Joseon (Go-Joseon) were similar, while Koguryo language differed significantly from that of Malgal (Mohe). Similarities in certain vocabulary with old Japanese have been noted as well. Some words of Koguryo origin can be found in the old Korean language (early 10th-late 14th centuries) but most were replaced by Silla-originated ones before long. Some linguists propose the so-called "Fuyu languages" that included the languages of Fuyu, Koguryo, and the upper class of Baekje, and Old Japanese. Supporters of the Altaic language family often classify the Koguryo language as a member of that language family.


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